Lost Futures – Mechte Hauntology


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Drawing precarious warp-speed connexions between J. D. Bernal’s 1929 accelerationist treatise The World, the Flesh & the Devil; DD & Mary Nikiforovna Burliuk 1920’s neo-primitivist publications; Soviet cyberneticist Viktor Glushko’s ’60s blueprint for The All-State Automated System for the Gathering and Processing of Information for the Accounting, Planning and Governance of the National Economy – aka the ‘Soviet InterNyet’ or OGAS; ’60s Soviet Bloc sci-fi; Jaques Derrida’s rendezvous with a Spectral Marx and Mark Fisher’s reflection on Hauntological reanimations. 

The Former West flails onward without a map: trusting an auto-pilot with no GPS. In the apparent inescapability where all [creative] desires are eventually forced into the capitalist format, the slow cancellation of the future continues – while flashes of our former carbon selves reappear on illuminated glass; temporarily vibrate as rearticulated sine waves; and are virtually ingested via pseudo-structuralist glyphs with no discernible meaning.

Mechte Navstrechu (Dream Towards) our collective Lost Futures.

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